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How to use the Photo Album

If you don't have Adobe Flash on your phone the Below is the link to our New Photo Album  On top of the photos there is a menu to the left.  

Beneath is a row of Thumbnails, that has a slider, and you can click on any photo to enlarge it.

 "Home"  Click on it and you will be back at our Home Web Page ....

"Albums"Click on it and it has in it all the other albums, BOX LOTS, Coins, Sports, ETC.

"View" will let you change the type of slide show.  This can be fun and "PHOTO to Movie" will give you very slow Extreme Close Ups.  Anything in the slideshow can go back to the original

"Theme" This is a fun way to change the look of the slide show. You can change the colors, or the way the slide show works.  Again  You can always go back to the original.  

To stop a picture to look longer just  Click on the double bars below the Photo that all slide shows have.  Click the Right arrow to start again.

Thumbnails   You can click on any of these to bring up a larger Photo of it..

Large Photo Click on the top right Blue Arrow and it takes you to a larger full screen photo.          



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