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Information for Bidders and Visitors

 Terms for New Bidders In House

We will be selling many items each evening.  We do our best to point out flaws that we have noticed, but cannot catch everything. We give every opportunity to inspect the merchandise, if you need to see an item before bidding just ask; Auction items are Sold as is.  Buyer is bidding according to his own inspection, no matter how the Auctioneer calls it. Once we have called "Sold" on an item you have legally entered into a contract to pay for that item. All of our items are Sold AS IS, and winning bidder is responsible for their items, we cannot be responsible for lost,  stolen or damaged items once Auctioneer says Sold. We supply carts for ease of transporting to your vehicle (please return them promptly, as others may need it).


All Persons entering the Auction must Register. You need to present a valid Driver's License, And a Valid Credit Card to get a bid number. Please read the terms on the bid cards as a reminder of your responsibility. Our Auction House has many cameras; you need to know that you are on video at all times.  Payment must be made in Cash, Credit Card, or Check that we deposit at checkout using Electronic Check Deposit System. For all of our auctions We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, there is an Administrative Buyers Charge of 3.5% if using a credit card. You are responsible for any breakage.  You are responsible for merchandise you have won.  Once you have won an item, please have it within sight.  You will pay for all items with your lot number on it, unless it is our mistake. 



Our 2 sons have been to auctions since they were born.  We need the new generations of auction buyers.  But, the other bidders are there to purchase treasures, and can't concentrate if there's an unruly child. 

Sooo... If you must bring Children, when applying for a Bid number, you need to give us information about them for their safety.  YOU are totally responsible for their actions. Treasure Grove Auctions, Rick Grove or their Staff WILL NOT be held responsible for their safety.  By bringing them into the auction and receiving a bid number you are agreeing to this and the following:



They are NOT allowed in the Box Lot area.

They are to be with a parent at all times.

They are to be seated as much as possible.

They are not allowed to touch the merchandise.  You are responsible for any breakage.

They are not allowed to sit on furniture for sale, or tables, or stand on chairs.

They must be escorted to the Restroom with an adult.

They cannot be running around.

The customers are there for the auction.  A child being loud and unruly is not accepted. And the parent will be asked to leave.


Terms for Absentee Bidders

We accept Absentee bids on certain items. Bidder must provide Name, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card information. A 13% Buyers Premium will be added to the final Sale Price Plus tax if applicable. It usually takes at least a week to Ship your items and we use either USPS or UPS Pack and Ship for hard to pack Items, so make sure you bid with that in mind! Please call 513) 829-5500, before the day of the sale to leave bids. Or email. We do not check emails after 9:00am day of sale.


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