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About Us and Our Auctions

Rick Grove is a Licensed Auctioneer in the Beautiful state of Ohio.  We are located 15 to 20 minutes North of  Cincinnati, and about 30 minutes South of Dayton.  With 30 + years experience in the Antiques Business, he is known  for his knowledge, and the honesty and fairness with which he deals with buyers and sellers.  Unlike most auctioneers, he "Speaks" his Chant, so you know just what he's selling, and for how much, but is the speediest auctioneer around...

Jacob Grove "Jake"  Auctioneer! We are the proud parents of our new Auctioneer and Jake will  now be working the floor as a Full Fledged Auctioneer and "Ring Man".  Most of our regulars remember him as a baby, and can't believe he's  old enough to be an Auctioneer, or that "they've" gotten so much older!  :) He is being primed to step into Rick's very large shoes one day!

Terry Foster  Who joined us  in 2006, is also an Ohio Licensed Auctioneer, is kinda Quiet with an obvious presence, helps sell in the back with Box Lots and Miscellaneous items. He is the up front "right" side Ring Man, and will sell up front  from time to time.

***Up Front with Rick is Brian Sweitzer*** Our Clerk since we started....One of the hardest, most boring, and most tedious  jobs is "Clerking", especially because of the speed in which Rick sells, and Brian doesn't miss a beat keeping up with him....He has the speediest pen in Cincinnati!


- 2019- IN LOVING MEMORY OF SHERI GROVE , who worked behind the scenes, doing computer "stuff", auction ads, and more. This kept her very busy even though she was no longer in the office.  She was behind the counter every Wednesday serving her customers for many, many years.  Sheri loved the business and all of her customers.  She is dearly missed by all of us. 


Melissa Asher, Is the Office Manager but wears many hats. She is in charge of everything except the floor..  It would take too much to post what she is responsible for.  Let's just say she is never bored, is along side of Rick all week long, and manages all of the weekly tasks in the office.  You will also see her Clerking, Running Sheets, Working the Ring, along with being the general problem solver! She is the main reason Consignors get their check on time.....and on and on.  Melissa, Runs the office and all of the headaches, and fun to go along with it.  As we strive to show you what is here as we set it up, she posts photos of our upcoming treasures almost daily now. This takes a lot of time, and energy.  If you have suggestions for the website, or photos just email us at 

The newest faces in the office are GInny and  Lisa .  They check in and out the customers, and all the things that go with that.!  Lisa also can be found up front amidst our "Ring men", during the main auction as our valued "Ring Lady"!    You may remember Jenny from years ago!  She is back to help us once again!!  We are so glad to have her back with us on auction night!

Melissa Has a great bunch to help her, and you.  There's even a few Customers she'll pull off the floor when necessary.

Also at the Snack Area  you will see Bonnie or Libby throughout the evening. You will also find our good friend Wayne helping out in the Box Lot Specialty Area.


***Dennis Shoemaker , Wayne and Terry***  who with a bit of "humor", have fun in displaying and describing the merchandise, making sure it gets to the buyer, and running back for more goodies.

*** Lisa*** Who smooths the rough edges of the  Male Crew up front and "tries" to keep them in line, although "this doesn't always work" they're a lively bunch. She handles a multitude of showcase items up front. 

"Jr".  Walks the Floor, Watches the Doors, and even catches the occasional Bid while doing all that!  Whatever it takes! 


Behind the scenes Beverly.  She helps getting the consignors in and out in a timely manner....Packing, unpacking, and loading Treasures we pick up from homes and estates.  She's working with Rick all hours of the night and day most of the week, doing whatever it takes to prepare for Wednesday Night, and very much appreciated. 

She works tremendously hard in getting consignors items organized and getting merchandise where it belongs for auction night. Beverly is one of the hardest working people in the business.  She also works Wednesday nights in the office, helping the girls to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. 


Working late hours is Joe Kraemer, who helps keep our Auction Facility top notch, and looking "Spiffy".  He also works the floor running absentee bids, getting chairs, general "get it" kinda guy for us. 

Most of our Auction help are very knowledgeable in their own areas.  Also, most have been with us for many, many years.  They are a Loyal bunch to Rick.  "It sure isn't the pay", and each of them is necessary, and the reason we're the best auction around.


And what we're working for is to Please our Consignors and Bidders....


At our  auctions the items we offer are always changing. Unfortunately or "fortunately" there are always many  wonderful surprises once Wednesday night comes around that have not been advertised either here or in the papers. We advertise in many different papers and Trade Magazines  hoping to reach a wide range of buyers ....

We are geared towards the antiques and collectible market.  We also hold a "BOX LOT" sale before our 6:15 auction event.  These box lots have a lot of great "treasures".

**If you are interested in consigning please click on the contact us button, to see how this is done.

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