Welcome to Our Website

We specialize in Antiques and Collectibles, many are from Cincinnati  Ohio Estates.

On each  Wednesday every week we Open the doors at 2:30 for preview.

3:45 we sell out side out back (weather permitting), then move in to the  Box Lot area. 

We break into two rings around 5:15 and sell specialty items and the following:

First Wednesday BASEBALL Cards, Sports Memorabilia

Second Wednesday  we sell Coins.

Third  Wednesday  we sell Watches and  Knives.

Fourth Wednesday we sell Records

Fifth Wednesday What  sells changes for this week!!

After everything in the back sells, we move to the Main Auction Gallery around 6:15 and sell all the treasures there!

We have Snacks and Drinks available. No Hot food, but there's great Pizza and the Best Chef Salad you'll ever eat, at "Cassano's".