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We are a full service Professional  Auction Company!

Rather you are downsizing, Moving or have an entire Estate to sell, we can do it all for you.  We will come to you if you have a large amount for us to sell.  Discuss the best way to sell your Treasures, Estate, or Partial Estate, Entire Household, rather it be at our house or yours.  We can hold the entire auction at your location, or move it to ours depending on circumstances.  Give us a call to set up an appointment at

(513) 829-5500 or (513) 314-3039

Now for our Weekly Wednesday Night Auction!

We book as far ahead as possible. You need to call us  and let us know what you have, and Rick will slot your items for the weeks that he thinks they will do the best.  If there are some things that should be highlighted we like to have photos at least 2 weeks  before the auction so we can put them on the website, and or be able to advertise..

We set up on Thursday, Saturday and Monday's. (We will give you a time to bring your items, according to your time frame and items you wish to consign.)

  1. We charge a percentage, plus a ticket amount. If you are interested in a private sale we base our commission  on  so many variables that you will need to make an appointment.  Call us to set up a consultation.

  2. We sell all items with  "No Reserve", Everything sells to highest bidder. Items with no bids will  be “disposed” of, or for large  items with no bids, consignor  must be there to remove at end of sale.
  3. There are no buy backs from the consignors or their friends, relatives, etc.
  4. Thanks for considering us for your Selling Avenue, we look forward to doing business with you.

Rick Grove

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